Are you an inventor or co-inventor of a new, useful and non-obvious device, machine, process or composition?  If so, and the invention has not been sold, offered to be sold or publicly used in the U.S., or the invention has not been published it anywhere, all within 1 year,  then your invention may be entitled to at least U.S. patent protection for 20 years from the filing date. 

Realized ideas are worthless – except to someone else capitalizing on your idea – unless you seek thorough, timely and legal protection.  A registered patent attorney can explain what an inventor should and should not do before and during the patent application stage. Patents are territorial rights, and a patent gives you the legal right to stop others from making, using, selling, offering to sell, or importing in the U.S. your patented invention.  Another benefit of being a patent holder is the exclusive right to license others to make, use or sell the invention and to collect royalties on each product sold.

A patent application is not just another form to fill out.  A formal patent application is a lengthy, complex and carefully worded legal document that can take weeks to prepare, and includes several telephonic, in-person or e-mail interactions between the patent attorney and the inventor(s).  


FLAT-FEE COST — The flat-fee cost for preparing the typical non-provisional utility application and getting it to the “Patent Pending” phase starts at $4000.00, plus USPTO fees, and includes an initial electronic novelty patent search,  drafts of the specification and claims.  (The cost for Patent Searches [ Infringement,  Validity,  Right-to-use, Clearance,  and Patentability ] starts at $1000.00.)


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