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The Law Office of Herbert Joe, M.A., M.S., J.D., LL.M., B.C.F.E.

Registered Patent Attorney Herbert Joe is also a Board Certified Forensic Examiner and Managing Partner of Yonovitz & Joe, LLP,  a team of forensic audio/video analysts, experts and consultants that handles virtually all aspects of audio, acoustic, voice and video evidence. For over 33 years, they have been retained in thousands of cases involving thousands of recordings, and have testified in state and Federal courts in civil and criminal cases throughout and beyond the U.S., have co-authored numerous peer-reviewed publications, and regularly give regional, national and international presentations (many CLE-approved), and consulted with or retained by ABC, BBC, FOX-TV, Dr. Phil, CSI:Miami, TMZ, People Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and the Associated Press.  

For more information, please visit ForensicsCenter.com

Consultations and litigation about and involving rules and regulations of computer crimes, investigations of computer crimes and analyses of evidence thereof, and ethics pertaining to information security and best practices.

Consultations about software development issues from a cyber-security standpoint, as well as from an intellectual property standpoint, including but not limited to secure software development approaches, change control and configuration management, and database concepts and security issues.


The Law Office of

HERBERT JOE, M.A., M.S., J.D., LL.M., B.C.F.E.


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